Pender EMS and Fire
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Pender EMS and Fire under went ISO Rating by the Department of Insurance and the Office of State Fire Marshal the last week of November 2014 for both the east and west side districts.

Pender EMS & Fire is pleased to announce the following ISO ratings for the East Side Fire Districts (Station 14 Sloop Point, Station 16 Hampstead, Station 18 Scotts Hill and Station 28 Cross Creek) and the West Side Fire Districts (Station 21 Long Creek Grady and Station 29 Currie area). As of April 14th 2015 Pender EMS Fire has improved to an ISO rating of 4/9E from a 6-7/9E on the East Side Districts and a 5/9E from 7-9/9E on the West Side Districts.  The East side Fire Districts scored a 67.45 and the West side Fire Districts scored a 59.74 Public Protection Classification Number (see attached chart) .

Public Protection Classification # (ISO Score)                                    Point Range      
1__________________________________________________   90.00 or more  

2__________________________________________________   80.00 to 89.00

3__________________________________________________   70.00 to 79.99

4__________________________________________________   60.00 to 69.99

5__________________________________________________   50.00 to 59.99

6__________________________________________________   40.00 to 49.99

7__________________________________________________   30.00 to 39.99

8__________________________________________________   20.00 to 29.99

9__________________________________________________   10.00 to 19.99

10_________________________________________________   0.00 to 9.99



The North Carolina Rating Response System (NCRRS) ranges from lowest 10 (not recognized as a certified fire department) to 1 which is the best rating a fire department can obtain.  Insurance Service Office (ISO) uses these ratings to determine premiums and insurance guidelines for commercial and residential structures and businesses.  The Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is tasked with inspecting fire departments throughout the nation to establish ratings and to make sure facilities, manpower, apparatus, water supply , training and emergency dispatch are meeting or exceeding the standards set forth through national and state agencies like NFPA and OSHA.

These recent ISO ratings improvements will not only be of benefit on an insurance aspect but also as a well-being and safety for the roughly 50% population of Pender County that is effected by this improved rating.  Fully staffed stations with 24/ 7 certified personnel with over 37000 logged hours of training each year, Paramedic level service and heavy rescue  both on the east and west sides of the county.

This new rating places Pender EMS & Fire in the top 11% in the nation in ratings out of over 48000 fire departments nationwide which equates to the top 5000 fire departments in the nation!





Stations 14 & 16 Merger addresses
Station 28 ISO Addresses

Long Creek 5-6 Mile Map