Pender EMS and Fire


tac med

Pender EMS & Fire currently partners with Pender County Sheriff’s Office to provide their Special Response Team with Tactical Medics. Each Tactical Medic must pass a rigorous battery of tests to qualify for the team. Each Tactical Medic is certified as EMT-Tactical through an accredited school and is a NC Certified Paramedic. Each Medic must also pass the standards set forth by the Sheriff’s Office. Tactical Medics provide medical support and combat care to those injured during SWAT operations.






Pender EMS & Fire currently has an operational SMAT III Team that can be deployed anywhere in the state in the event of a disaster or major event. The team is trained to the standards set forth by the NC Office of EMS. Included with the team, is the SMAT trailer. This trailer contains all of the equipment needed to operate on any incident for a multiple day deployment. Training is conducted yearly to keep up with the missions set forth by the SMAT program.


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Pender EMS & Fire maintains a fleet of several classes of boats for emergency use. These boats range from high-powered amphibious fan boats to small aluminum Jon boats that can be used in the small creeks and ponds within the response jurisdiction. During Hurricane Florence in 2018, these boats proved to be key in the evacuations and rescue of several hundred Pender County residents.





UAS “Drone” UNIT

Pender EMS & Fire began an Unmanned Aerial System “Drone” unit in 2019. These aircraft augment existing operations with aiding in aerial reconnaissance. This provides great assistance during rescue situations, structure fires, and search operations. Each pilot in charge is required to go through a battery of testing and become Part 107 certified with the Federal Aviation Administration.